High-yield cash management

Levo Treasury is a treasury management account that helps you earn a higher yield on your company’s idle cash.

Reduce your burn by putting your company’s idle cash to work

We offer a customizable portfolio of FDIC-insured cash and short duration investment grade bond ETFs, letting you earn 2-4% in a low risk manner.

Designed to work alongside your existing bank account and corporate card provider like Brex or Ramp

Just move your excess cash to Levo Treasury, and then set up recurring withdrawals from Levo to your existing bank account to manage your burn rate.

Best practices

Large corporations have teams of people that allocate their excess cash to higher-yielding investments like US Treasuries, while managing risk and liquidity. We make it easy for you to do it too.

Managed by an experienced team

Levo is an SEC-registered investment advisor run by a team of former hedge fund managers. We’re backed by Y Combinator.

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